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A granular product designed for use in restaurants, bars, hotels, institutions, bakeries, breweries and food plants. This product is ideally suited for bar glass washing and sanitizing at 200 ppm active sanitizing.

It is also ideally suited for cleansing and sanitizing of freezers and ice cream machines, and is very effective as a presoak and sanitizer of kitchen utensils. When using this product for cleaning and sanitizing in food plants, limit the concentration to 200 ppm active sanitizing.


Rinse utensils and equipment with water prior to cleaning. Use 3 grams per litre of water ( oz/gal) for 100 ppm available chlorine. Use 6 grams per litre of water (1 oz/gal) for 200 ppm available chlorine. Food contact surfaces should be thoroughly rinsed with potable water. Solution can also be applied at 50 ppm available chlorine (1.5 grams per litre or oz/gal) and wiped dry with a sterile paper towel.

The Agri-Food Safety Division, Agriculture Canada has no objection to the use of this product in food plants when used according to label directions.