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How Can Haddon Help My Business?

As any business owner or operations manager knows only too well, you need to make every penny count. Throughout our 60 years of operation, we've worked closely with hundreds of companies in dozens of different areas of business. And while their laundry and cleaning needs may vary slightly, they all still want to know whether doing business with Haddon will save them money.

Always, the answer has been yes. Let us show you how.

Some of the Industries We Help Service Today:

Haddon Will Help Make Your Business Grow

Our six decades of experience make us the most qualified commercial laundry and chemical supplier in British Columbia. We'll help suggest the right equipment that will reduce your energy consumption and wash times, and that's ideal for the needs of your particular business.

Our depth of knowledge also extends to the support you'll get from your Haddon representative. We'll be able to anticipate your needs and help you extend the lifetime of your equipment and get the most from your chemical products, further reducing your operating costs and saving you even more money.

Whether your business is in Kelowna, Prince George, Kamloops or the heart of Vancouver or Victoria, Haddon Equipment & Supplies can be an important partner in lowering your operations cost and educating your staff on how to maximize their productivity.