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Green Products

Green Your Business for your Customers & Yourself

The personal movement toward reducing, reusing and recycling has grown into a smart opportunity for today's world of business. Haddon has seen tremendous change with laundry and cleaning technology, with advances in machines and chemicals that not only help reduce our impact on the environment but also help save your bottom line.

How Green Technology Saves You Money

Did you know that when you replace your old laundry equipment with newer energy reducing machines you can:

  • Reduce your energy consumption by up to 35% -- That alone could save you thousands of dollars annually in utilities!
  • Use less water needed to wash garments, thereby decreasing the time required to dry items by up to 50%
  • Save time on the wash/dry cycle, decreasing the time needed for each load of laundry
  • Load more items into a higher volume, higher speed washer/dryer, improving productivity

All these factors can add up to significant cost savings for your business. You will also be saving time, reduce your labour hours and increase your workers' productivity while also helping the environment.

How Green Chemicals Save the Environment & Reduce Operating Costs

It's not just new machines that can save you money. With the latest advances in cleaning solutions and chemicals, your staff can reduce the amount of product they needed in the past to do their daily tasks. Additionally, the environmental impact of friendlier laundry products like Haddon's X3 not only makes a smaller impact in the water system, it's been proven to extend the life of your linen.

Greener chemicals produce value for your business by:

  • Lowering the amount of chemical solution needed to clean
  • Have a smaller impact on the environment less chemicals are needed for today's products but do the same amount of cleaning

Let Haddon help you select the best route for going green for your business. We'll maximize your savings and value!