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  1. What kind of business is a typical client of Haddon?

If you own/operate a business that needs to offer any sort of cleaning solution for your customers Haddon can help you. It doesn't matter if you run a small, medium or large-sized company with thousands of employees, Haddon can fulfill all of your expectations and requests.

Some of the specific areas where Haddon provides our services/sells equipment:

  • laundry (both for coin-operated and commercial companies like hotels, hospitals, schools, large institutions, dry cleaning, etc.)
  • dishwashing (restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, dining facilities)
  • cooling (portable air conditioning units)
  • housekeeping/cleaning staff (supplies and chemicals needed by the staff for their duties)
  • ongoing service (maintenance of equipment, re-stocking of supplies, performance checks)
Chances are if your business needs something to keep things tidy, clean or looking fresh, Haddon can help you with it!

Learn more about Haddon's equipment, chemicals, supplies and services.

  1. Can you give me examples of specific Haddon clients?

Hundreds of companies use Haddon for their laundry, housekeeping, dishwashing/warewashing and air cooling needs. Instead of listing off all of their names, we thought it best to share some of the ones that you may have heard of before.

Right now Haddon Equipment & Supplies is relied upon by 80% of B.C.'s on-premise laundry facilities that alone is a big number of privately owned small and medium-sized businesses.

Over 70 care facilities and hospitals throughout the province depend on Haddon for equipment, servicing and chemical restocking including the Fraser Health Authority.

As well, some of our hotel/lodging clients include the Sheraton Hotel and Coast Hotel in Vancouver; and numerous Sheraton Hotel, Best Western hotels and Sandman Inn locations throughout the province.

  1. How can Haddon help save me money?

We've been in business since 1953, and our reputation as B.C.'s best provider of cleaning equipment, products and service has been built over time and hundreds of happy clients.

Because of this, your Haddon representative can perform an analysis of your existing equipment and then show you how you can reduce costs by improved technology, customizing the way your cleaning chemicals are delivered or optimizing your machine's performance settings. Many owners don't adjust the settings on their machines or chemical delivery equipment from their factory settings or when they were first installed. We have saved clients thousands of dollars just from looking at their equipment settings and performed small adjustments to them!

And when it's time to replace your worn or old equipment, Haddon can help you select the best replacement unit. Chances are that you will get more out of your replacement because of the latest developments in technology such as reducing your machine's water or energy consumption.

  1. Help! I've rUn out of cleaning product and the company that I usually buy from is closed right now!

No problem. Things like this happen to the best of us. That's why Haddon has a 24-hour emergency service request. If you find yourself out of a critical item, or your machine breaks down and your usual vendor is gone for the weekend or holiday, contact Haddon and we'll get you running back to normal in no time.

Email us or call us at 604-325-3281. We always have 3 trucks on stand-by and are ready to roll out at a moment's notice.

  1. Will you service/repair equipment that wasn't originally purchased from you?

Yes. Our trained technicians are fully knowledgeable on servicing, repair and maintenance of all major brands of dishwashing, dryers, ironers, washer-extractors and cooling fans.

  1. Is Haddon concerned about the impact of its products on the environment?

Absolutely. In fact, the vendors whose products and brands we carry have had a commitment to reducing their impact on the environment for years.

If you're looking for machines and chemical solutions that minimize your environmental impact Haddon can recommend several specific options. Contact a Haddon representative to learn more.

Haddon Equipment & Supplies is a proud member of Kleen Canada and the Green Key Eco-Rating Program. This means that we always carry a diversified line of environmentally friendly machines and cleaning products.

Learn more about Haddon's commitment to green products and equipment.

  1. Where are you located?

Haddon Equipment & Supplies has its headquarters located centrally in Vancouver. You can find our offices at:

8441 Main Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V5X 3Y2

You can call us at

604-325-3281 (Greater Vancouver area) or
1-888-442-3366 (toll free)