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How Haddon Helps Architects

As architects and designers work on constructing the interior of a new building, the challenge of finding space and laying out the blueprint for support services can be difficult. The architect needs to find the right amount of room so that support staff members will be able to work efficiently without being confined for future needs. In places where room is tight and the cost of square footage is always a concern for the building developer, this process can require multiple revisions and constant reassessment.

This is where working with Haddon Equipment & Supplies during the mapping out and construction phase can eliminate future problems associated with lack of space, employee productivity and the constant need to have timely customer servicing.

Increase Employee Productivity 

When you work on the planning of your building with Haddon during its construction phase, the benefits include:

  • Being able to maximize the use of square footage in your laundry, stock room/storage, kitchen and warewashing areas.
  • Using smaller spaces to place racking solutions.
  • Instead of having one central area for storage, planning out smaller storage zones so your cleaning/service staff cuts down on travel time.

Are you an architect or designer working on a care facility, hospital, kitchen/food area or laundry facility? Are you concerned about maximizing the space for the cleaning, laundry, food service or janitorial staff? We'll show you how Haddon can increase the value you provide to your end client with smart, optimized solutions for your working space.

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