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How Haddon Helps Hoteliers

No one knows better than those working in the hospitality sector the importance of having fresh linen everyday. Assuring the comfort of the guest is paramount to the success of any hotel, motel or overnight lodging. Whether it's a business weekday or a holiday for the rest of the working world, your hotel staff depends on the washers, dryers, ironers and extractors to do their job and make their guests happy.

By giving a call to Haddon, you're working with B.C.'s top laundry and dishwashing equipment supplier and service company. We view every client of Haddon as a long-term partner, and as such your Haddon rep will be committed to seeing your business thrive and continue to grow for many years to come. Enjoy the benefits that come from that kind of partnership.

Build Value for Your Customers 

Here are some of the ways that Haddon can help you with your business:

  • Use less water and reduce heating costs by installing washer-extractors that use less water in their cycle.
  • By tailoring the delivery amounts for your cleaning chemicals, we can reduce your operating costs while still ensuring superior wash/cleaning quality.
  • New high performance Washers and dryers require less energy to operate while also improving output and productivity.
  • Our modern washer-extractors also have higher extraction speeds, removing more water more quickly and reducing drying time significantly.

Have Haddon help you increase your workers' output while reducing operating costs. Contact our team today and let's start talking about how Haddon can improve your bottom line!