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Maintenance/Repair for Drying, Washing Equipment in BC  

Fixed & Repaired in No Time: Haddon has six decades of experience in repairing laundry and dishwashing equipment for every leading brand manufacturer. With that kind of time notched on our belt we're able to fix any machine in any working environment. And we'll do it quickly and correct the first time.

Saving Your Money: Our trained personnel rank among the most knowledgable in our industry. Put that experience to work for your business by having a Haddon technician come in to service your washing or drying equipment. We're often able to calibrate the settings on many machines to increase performance, reduce energy and water consumption and extend the lifespan of the washing chemicals you use. That know-how helps reduce your operating costs and maximize your assets.

Get the Haddon team to come service or do your next repair job. We'll show you why we've been in business this long and brought so many smiles to owners' faces.