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How Haddon Helps Coin Laundry services

Running a commercial coin operated laundry or launderette requires that your machines be ready to work and in perfect operation every day of the year. You may be managing an apartment complex, the owner of a neighborhood commercial laundry business or other facility where coin operated washers and dryers are on site, but the bottom line is that if your machines arenít in tip top working condition, then youíre not making money.

Starting a Coin Operated Laundry Business?

Haddon can be your consultant as you put together your new coin laundry business. In the past weíve assisted hundreds of business owners by providing layout drawings to maximize their retail space; advised on the best equipment solutions that will work within a budget and provide maximum return on investment; and helped with many other solutions that all benefitted the bottom line.

Full Support & Service Provided

Haddon will help you take care of your customers and support your business in several ways. In addition to having a complete line of efficient and dependable coin-op laundry machines from North Americaís top brands, we also have experienced service and repair technicians that will be able to quickly respond to your emergency phone calls. If one of your laundry machines goes down, Haddon can send out a skilled repair technician no matter if itís the weekend, late at night or a holiday.

It's Dependability your business can count on

Partner with Haddon and we'll help you with:

  • Advise on how to get the most and extend the life from your current laundry machines.
  • Helping you select the best economical and energy efficient replacement machines when the time comes.
  • Recommendations for green cleaning products that require less solution for cleaning.
  • Lightning quick response time to repair/emergency help calls

Find out why Haddon Equipment & Supplies has become synonymous with business owners of coin-operated laundries and launderettes across Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and British Columbia. We understand your challenges and we conduct our business according to your needs and time schedule.

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