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Healthcare (Care Homes, Hospitals, Hospice)

How haddon helps healthcare organizations

Care homes, hospitals and hospices all need rock solid reliable laundry machine solutions. You can't afford to have any unexpected downtime when the care of dozens or even hundreds of your patients is in your hands.

There are also expenses to consider. Today's latest high performance washing and drying equipment uses less cleaning product, less energy and less water which all goes toward helping the environment as well as reduce your operating costs. Further still, more laundry can be loaded, washed and dried in a faster time, which can provide considerable time saved in your labor costs.

Smart Advice from haddon, your healthcare partner

  • Haddon Equipment & Supplies works with over 70 care facilities and hospitals throughout British Columbia including the Fraser Health Authority.
  • Tens of thousands of patients and retirees depend on our laundry equipment and cleaning products.
  • Our level of service, support and education for healthcare staff is unsurpassed in our industry.
  • Haddon service helps you anticipate unexpected downtime for your machines
  • We take an intense level of pride in providing such a high level of customer care to B.C.'s healthcare private and public organizations

Contact Haddon today to discuss your specific needs and let us talk about how we can be of service.