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how haddon helps corrections facilities

Providing laundry service for hundreds or thousands of inmates daily becomes easier with the help of Haddon Equipment & Supplies. Our familiarity with B.C.'s corrections department gives us strategic insight into ways that you can maximize your laundry production in a highly secure environment.

Industrial grade washers and dryers will be able to handle the daily needs of your facility while also making it simple for staff to operate. As well, Haddon personnel will properly train your new and existing staff so they know how to get the maximum productivity from each machine. This will extend the life of your laundry equipment as well as reduce the number of trips required to your facility by outside personnel, thus improving your security.

Equipment, service & support that's always there

Haddon helps your corrections facility by:

  • Finding ways to reduce your cost of laundry operations through optimizing your use of cleaning products and water/energy consumption.
  • Training your people on how to get the most from your laundry equipment.
  • Being available for 24/7 emergency service and repair calls.
  • Advising you on what new laundry equipment would work best for your needs

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