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how haddon helps fire departments

Fire personnel require special cleaning and drying of their gear and equipment. On top of that there is also the washing of regular duty clothing, the station's linen, miscellaneous towels and other wash cloths and related odds and ends. It can be a time consuming chore, and if you are running behind, one that could impact the ability of a fire detachment's response time.

Haddon can help you determine what the ideal laundry equipment is to fill your fire department's needs. Several models are available that will be able to wash soot and debris from fire gear and heavy clothing without compromising the integrity of the protective fibers of the garments. As well, there are drying machines that apply controlled airflow and moderate heat to quickly dry boots, protective jackets and other fireman gear without damaging it.

Rely on the professionals to do the job

Just as the safety of our own neighborhoods fall upon your fire detachment's shoulders, Haddon will help them with:

  • Selecting the best washing and drying equipment for their clothing needs.
  • Recommending cleaning chemicals that will do the job but also be accommodating to the integrity of the fire retardant materials in the clothing/gear.
  • Instruct staff on the ease of use for laundry machines and cleaning product dispensing.
  • Show them how they can save manpower and lower laundry costs

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