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Athletics (Schools, Community Centres, Recreational)

How haddon helps athletics departments

Schools, recreation centres, athletics clubs or fitness centres require washing and drying equipment that's more durable than the typical ones found in a home. By choosing to use a high performance washer or dryer for laundering your athletic, exercise or sports clothing you could be saving yourself thousands of dollars.

Sports facilities like UBC's Thunderbird Stadium and the UBC Ice Rink count on Haddon to help ensure the cleanliness and comfortability of their athletic apparel. Cleaning all those towels, sports uniforms, jersey, workout clothing, sweatpants and t-shirts takes time, energy and effort. The Haddon team will help you find the way to make the most from your current laundry equipment, simplify your work and suggest better performing machines if your old ones are nearing the end of their lifecycle.

saving your time & money

Enjoy these benefits when you decide to let Haddon help with your laundry needs:

  • Haddon will help train your staff on the best way to use your machines and detergents, saving you time in operations and money on product.
  • Newer, faster washing/drying machines can reduce the wash cycle significantly, getting more cleaning done in a faster time.
  • Our machines can be preset so that they clean your sports equipment the best way, ensuring that they look great on the field.

Contact Haddon Equipment & Supplies and we’ll help your team look great all the time.