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How haddon helps Drycleaners

Dry cleaning requires the business owner to be flexible to the demands of many customers. The wide range of different fabrics and stains that people are asking you to clean mean that you need equipment and products that will meet tough challenges. That's where we come in.

For nearly 60 years Haddon Equipment & Supplies has helped Lower Mainland and B.C. dry cleaners with their equipment, servicing and product needs. We've found ways to maximize the space in a storefront and show drycleaners how to use their equipment to get amazing cleaning results for their customers. As well, our lines of specialty cleaning liquids and softeners make garments smell and look great every time.

Delivering value to your customers is our job

Haddon will help your dry cleaning business do more for your clientele:

  • Knowledgeable staff that will work on a long-term approach for your business.
  • Quick emergency service and repairs via our 24/7 contact line.
  • We carry and service all major brands of dry cleaning equipment.

Get the support that your dry cleaning business can use contact Haddon today.