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How haddon helps the food service industry

Training your part-time restaurant, catering or cafeteria staff how to best use your laundry equipment can be a time consuming chore. Haddon helps eliminate that problem by becoming your team's trainer: we'll come around to your business and show your employees how to get fantastic results every time.

Another reason to work with Haddon is that we have 60 years of experience in recommending laundry machine solutions to food service establishments. For example, if you are looking for warewashing equipment, our knowledgeable employees can recommend different brands that can reduce your water consumption, the amount of cleaning product that you're using daily and decrease the time between a washing cycle. We may even be able to find a warewasher that can do all of this and take up less room than the one you are currently using!

there are more long-term benefits

Haddon can help your food service business:

  • Increase worker productivity by training your staff on how to best use their equipment.
  • Suggest washing/laundry alternatives that will increase your results while decreasing your costs.
  • Help adjust your dispenser and equipment levels to optimize the results.
  • 24/7 emergency customer support and help with unexpected issues.
  • Be more environmentally friendly by suggesting green cleaning products and equipment.

Put our 60 years of experience to work for you contact Haddon today and let us help your business grow!