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How haddon helps spas and hair salons

For a spa or hair salon located in Vancouver or greater British Columbia, the number of items that require daily laundry or cleaning adds up fast. Hair towels, hand towels, cleaning items to wipe down countertops, pick up spills, sterilize equipment, wash linen and coverings to keep your clients' cut hair from off their clothing are all part of the job – and it's your responsibility to make sure each item is cleaned and ready to be used for tomorrow's clients.

Six decades of experience give Haddon a unique understanding of the challenges your business faces every day. As Haddon works with the manager or owner of a hair salon or day spa, we're able to suggest new cleaning solutions that work better and use less; show you the best way to get more laundry done in less time; and reduce your energy and water consumption. This is just part of our job here at Haddon, and the value we're able to pass on to you in how we can set ourselves apart from our competition.

let haddon help you with your business

  • We understand that you want simple solutions for your laundry and cleaning needs, and we deliver those solutions to you.
  • Cleaning towels with hair dye, oils, shampoos and specialty hair products? No problem – we know what works best for your business and can advise you.
  • Haddon will help train your staff on the best way to use your cleaning supplies and laundry equipment, to get the most out of labour hours.
  • Looking to replace an old washer or dryer? Let us show you how new laundry equipment can reduce your operating expenses, do more loads and improve your workers’ productivity.

Contact Haddon today and tell us about your business needs. We can help you!