About Haddon

With more than 60 years of industry experience, Haddon delivers world-class customer care and expert service to BC and Alberta businesses.

the haddon equipment staff standing outside headquarters in delta bc smiling
a collage of haddon equipment vehicles, the staff, and inside the offices in Delta bc


About Haddon

Here’s some interesting information about Haddon Holdings (Equipment, Chemicals & Service):

  • Started in 1953. Privately owned & operated.
  • Our head office is in Delta BC, but we service all areas of the Lower Mainland (Vancouver region), the Okanagan, and Vancouver Island. Plus, we have representatives in Alberta and the Yukon Territories.

More About Haddon

We have been in this business a long time, so we can appreciate the issues that can pop up when your commercial laundry equipment gets frequent use. We’re here for you—from on-site laundry services, equipment, and chemicals to hospital (and Care Home) cleaning to commercial dishwashers and chemicals—Haddon will be able to help. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are up for tackling any challenge that comes up for you and we will be there to answer your questions every step of the way, even while we’re working on your machines or balancing the chemicals in your commercial laundry equipment or commercial dishwashers.

Meet our Team!

Haddon Management

Charles Reid

General Manager

Years at Haddon: 36

What Charles brings Haddon:

Straight out of high school, Charles started out in the shoe business, which led to managing a few shoe stores, which led to outside sales for Mennen Speed Stick. He then took a break from sales and drove a taxi for a year— 🚕—before he dove into pharmaceutical sales throughout Western Canada. When he needed another break from sales, he drove a delivery truck for an electrical company and worked in landscaping before landing a job at Haddon doing chemical service work and customer support.

Clearly, since he’s been at Haddon 36 years and purchased the company in 2004 with his wife Julie, he found his groove here.

Besides being the owner and GM, Charles is also the resident “on-call psychologist and cheerleader” for Haddon! 😜 And although he does often lend a sympathetic ear to his staff and regularly pump up everybody’s tires, his main role is managing all the big things—from approving new staff members and managing staff turnover to maintaining supplier relations and contracts to helping with new product development and implementing new systems.

What does Charles hope for Haddon? Charles puts his ALL into building company that’s respectable and financially successful so his support staff and their families can be successful too! Because he has a good crew of staff, he’s also able to step back more lately (without completely retiring) so he can enjoy traveling, spending time with his family and friends and one of his favourite ladies, his Bernadoodle Mandy!

headshot of charles reid, owner and general manager of haddon equipment

Julie Reid


Years at Haddon: 24

What Julie brings to Haddon:
Sometimes it can be a lot—being a mom of 15 (to her own children and her Haddon children 😉) AND the Chief Financial Officer for Haddon—but Julie wouldn’t have it any other way! She handles anything and everything to do with financial dealings for Haddon (including payroll, all the bank-related things, managing employee benefits, accounts payable/receivable, and keeping track of all the Haddon vehicles). 

Before Julie started with Haddon, she worked as fashion photographic stylist for the company that did all of Woodward’s ads back in the day! She also worked at a talent agency and at a vet clinic and for a group of doctors and surgeons as an MOA.

What does Julie love about Haddon? At the 2022 Christmas party, Julie said she doesn’t feel the need to retire yet because she LOVES her job and she loves her Haddon family. “It feels like home and who would want to leave that feeling!” 

What about away from Haddon?

When she’s not hanging in the Haddon office handling money things with her family and one of her fur daughters, Mandy the Bernadoodle, she’s usually with Charles (who was her high school sweetheart) enjoying their full, happy lives. They have two other pups, besides Mandy, plus two kitties, and 7 grandchildren. When Julis isn’t spending time with her fur babies or family, her and Charles tend to follow the sunshine wherever it goes. They love spending time on the Sunshine Coast, boating and soaking up those rays!

headshot of julie reid, cfo of haddon equipment

Brooke Szoo

Operations & Purchasing Manager

Years at Haddon: 5

What Brooke brings to Haddon:

If we were to list everything Brooke does at Haddon, you would be reading for days. It would actually make your eyes ache. 🧐 Let’s just say that Brooke wears A LOT of hats and she works in and with all departments. From the day-to-day operations of the company to managing purchasing of equipment and inventory to creating reports and keeping everybody up-to-date on pretty much everything, Brooke is an indispensable piece of the Haddon puzzle. And she does it all with a smile and is always really kind and encouraging to everyone.

What’s important to Brooke about her role at Haddon?

It is important to Brooke to continue to work hard and help keep Haddon on a successful path. Happy customers, happy employees, and finding the balance of working hard and having fun as a team. Brooke is always eager to learn new things and grow and help out wherever she can!

What about away from Haddon?

When she’s not hanging with most of her family at Haddon, she’s hanging with the rest of her family (her kids and dogs). Brooke plays in an adult slowpitch league in the summer and she likes to paint in her “spare” time. Brooke likes to joke that, with her littlest still being 3, her full-time mom “side job” takes up a lot of her time, but it’s a good side job!

headshot of brooke, operations and purchasing manager at haddon equipment in delta bc

Marlee Whitley

Senior Sales Executive

Years at Haddon: 16

What Marlee brings to Haddon:
Marlee just really like things squeaky clean! She loves all areas of work at Haddon but laundry is her baby! She really enjoys helping clients with the overall results they want to achieve, energy savings and productivity. And, of course, selling the LUX system

The laundry business has been in her family since she was a year old when her dad (Charles) started working at Haddon. Her Grandpa worked there as well and she would sometimes go to hotel accounts with them when she was younger. In fact, some of her current accounts knew her as a teenager when Charles would bring her to sites with him.

Marlee started out as a Haddon customer service representative and now, 16 years later, she oversees key accounts as Haddon’s Senior Sales Executive. 

What’s important to Marlee about her role at Haddon?
Setting up a new business brings Marlee a lot of joy when it gets done “the Haddon way” and she thinks there’s nothing better than making Haddon clients happy with the changes we’ve made for them.

What about away from Haddon?
When Marlee’s not at work, she loves cooking, wake surfing, cycling, hanging with her family and their dogs, as well as travelling and the ocean! 

headshot of marlee, chemical sales manager at haddon equipment

Mike Bergeron

Business Development Manager
Equipment & Chemical Sales

Years at Haddon: 8

What Mike brings to Haddon:

Since Mike retired from being Robert Downey Jr’s stunt double in the Iron Man movies 😉, he’s settled nicely into his role at Haddon as the Biz Development Manager. No matter what sector you’re in, if you need to know what laundry equipment will best suit your needs or how to design your laundry room for maximum productivity and efficiency or anything to do with laundry best practices, Mike is the guy at Haddon to talk to. He knows our industry inside and out and he’s an invaluable member of our team. He also trains our new staff in many areas of Haddon operations.

What’s important to Mike about his role at Haddon?

Mike is dedicated to giving the best customer service possible—it’s hardwired in his DNA—and it’s really important to him that his clients feel heard and that they are treated like he would want to be treated. He believes in creating honest, lasting relationships with his customers and it shows!

What about away from Haddon?

When Mike’s away from work, he enjoys hanging out with his wife and kids, and enjoys playing golf, hiking, fishing, biking and travelling.

a headshot of mike, the business development manager at haddon.ca

Roman Bichin

Parts & Service Manager

Years at Haddon: 15

What Roman brings to Haddon:

Since Roman retired from stripping in 2005 (well…he still does birthday parties and Bar Mitzvahs 😉), he dabbled in criminology and the hospitality tourism industry in BC and Alberta, worked at his parents’ appliance store for around 8 years, and then finally joined the Haddon team!. 

He left one family biz to join another at Haddon as a warehouse assistant and, over the years, he worked his way from the warehouse to Parts and Service where he is now the Parts and Service Manager. Roman feels like he’s kind of a swiss army knife who could step into any role at Haddon and help out! He’s also pretty good at cracking jokes and making people laugh.

What’s important to Roman about his role at Haddon?
Roman always wants Haddon customers to feel that they can come to Haddon to solve all their laundry needs—be it a technical question or part that no one can find anymore. He believes that together, with the techs, Haddon can solve any issues that come up and, in the end, that if Haddon becomes known and respected throughout our industry, then we have done our job well!


What about away from Haddon?
Besides being a father of 3 (twin boys and a girl), Roman is an avid hockey goalie and sports junkie.  He spends most of his time in and out of sporting arenas with his kids and wife and, when he’s not with them, he’s working or sleeping.

a headshot of roman, the parts and service manager at haddon equipment

Peter O’Neill

Chemical and Logistics Manager

Years at Haddon: 9

What Peter brings to Haddon:

When Peter’s not managing the ins and outs of chemical orders at Haddon, he’s dreaming of fishing and chillaxing at his property in the Cariboo, probably with a cold one in hand. Before he joined Haddon in 2014, Peter spent many years working in Fire Protection and Emergency Planning before switching gears and getting into the laundry industry in 2009 where he honed his sales and customer service skills. Now Peter runs the chemical orders desk and makes sure all Haddon’s chemical customers are happy and well stocked. 

What’s important to Peter about his role at Haddon?
It’s really important to Peter that his customers are looked after when it comes to getting their essential cleaning supplies (Housekeeping, Kitchen & Laundry) and that everything about their ordering experience runs smoothly and efficiently. 

What about away from Haddon?
When he’s not up to his eyeballs in chemicals, Peter enjoys playing and listening to music, watching movies, and spending time outdoors!

a headshot of peter, logistics and chemical orders at haddon equipment

Matt Szoo

Warehouse Manager

Years at Haddon: 4

What Matt brings to Haddon:

Matt is a get s#%t done kinda guy and that’s why he manages the Haddon warehouse. He makes sure all the stock and inventory is organized, ready to be pulled for customers, and neat and tidy. Before joining Haddon, he was a welder, so he’s really good at making sure everything is held together 🤪! 

What’s important to Matt about his role at Haddon?
Matt is into working hard and making sure things get done properly and are dialled in. He’s also a bit like Indiana Jones and can often be seen walking around the warehouse with a whip attached to his belt. 🤠

What about away from Haddon?
Matt plays hockey, collects coins and ninja turtles (no joke 🙃). He also is big into gardening and takes care of his family’s 4 chickens!

a headshot of matt, the warehouse manager at haddon equipment headquarters

Meet our Team!

Chemical Technicians at Haddon

Dustin Hammill

Customer/Chemical Service Technician

Years at Haddon: 6

What Dustin brings to Haddon:

Dustin is a bit of a “Dustin of all trades” here at Haddon. He does some chemical servicing, installs small chassis equipment needed to help the service and chemical techs with installs, delivers equipment and chemicals and fills in at the chemical orders desk when needed. He also helps out in the warehouse and with out-of-town work sometimes. If Haddon had an energizer bunny, Dustin would be it!

What’s important to Dustin about his role at Haddon?
Dustin’s goal is to always make sure Haddon customers are happy with the products they receive. 

What about away from Haddon?
When Dustin’s not at Haddon, he’s hanging with his family and their dogs, playing sports, or travelling. 

headshot of dustin, warehouse operations at haddon

Vadim Korsunsky

Chemical Service Technician, Lower Mainland

Years at Haddon: 14

What Vadim brings to Haddon:

Vadim was born and raised in Vancouver and graduated from the Appliance Servicing Program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University before joining Haddon in 2009. He was also a bartender for many years, which may or may not come in quite handy at Haddon staff parties and may be the real reason why he was hired in the first place…🍸😉(We like to have a good time!)

As a Chemical Service Technician, Vadim works in both laundry and warewashing handling service, maintenance, and installations for the chemical systems used in both departments. 

What’s important to Vadim about his role at Haddon?
Vadim wants to make sure he maintains a reputation of great standards for each site he visits and he wants to build a good name for himself and Haddon. He really just wants to do his absolute best and learn as much as possible.

What about away from Haddon?
When Vadim’s not working, he likes to do outdoorsy things like biking, hiking, golfing, paddleboarding, etc. He’s also into binging a series now and then, playing video games, checking out new restaurants, and watching sports!

a headshot of vadim, haddon chemical tech

Meet our Team!

Office Support for Haddon

Tracey O’Neill

Administrative Assistant

Years at Haddon: 2

What Tracey brings to Haddon:

Before Tracey came to Haddon, she worked as in healthcare as an Admin Assistant, so it’s no wonder she has a nurturing nature. Now that she’s part of the Haddon fam (along with her husband, Peter) Tracey helps out in the Haddon office in many ways! She helps schedule out service calls, does admin for the office and service department, helps manage service requests, sets up new customer accounts, and helps Julie out with accounts receivable!

What’s important to Tracey about her role at Haddon?
Tracey’s goal is to provide fast and efficient responses to customers’ requests for service, ensuring they are happy with both response times and end results from start to finish.

What about away from Haddon?
One of Tracey’s fave places is at her property up near 100 Mile House. She loves to get away from it all and loves nature, from the bugs to the birds. Tracey also enjoys painting (watercolour/acrylics), crafting and nature photography. Lastly, she’s a fan of supernatural shows/movies. 🐺🧛‍♀️🧚🏽‍♀️

a headshot of tracey, a haddon employee

Sheldon Gibbons


Years at Haddon: 7

What Sheldon brings to Haddon:

Sheldon delivers machinery and chemicals to Haddon’s regular customers in the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver region. 

What’s important to Sheldon about his role at Haddon?
Sheldon is often seen by Haddon regulars, so he prides himself on keeping up positive experiences with Haddon customers and providing solutions or directions to their questions.

What about away from Haddon?
Away from work, Sheldon stays busy with downhill skiing every winter, boating & fishing on the Fraser river in the summer, as well as spending many weekends at his family’s cabin on Valdes Island. He also plays mixed Slo Pitch on a team with his friends and also spends a few nights per week with his girlfriend watching her son play baseball and lacrosse!

a headshot of sheldon delivery driver for haddon laundry equipment and warewashing services

Meet the Team!

Haddon Sales Team

Vince Froehler

Sales & Customer Service, Alberta

Years at Haddon: 1

What Vince brings to Haddon:

Called out of retirement in July of 2022, Vince came to us with more than 40 years experience in the Hospitality and Healthcare Industries and is our Haddon rep for Alberta and the East Kootenays. He’s known Charles for nearly 30 years he’s currently given Haddon’s Alberta clients some bigtime TLC! When it comes to Warewashing, laundry or housekeeping, there is nothing out there that Vince hasn’t seen or dealt with. 

What’s important to Vince about his role at Haddon?

Vince loves problem solving and building relationships so he loves to help our customers come up with solutions to their challenges and to build lasting, long-term working relationships with them.

What does Vince get up to when he’s not at work?

Vince is an avid amateur golfer and he and his wife travel a lot. They especially love taking cruises! Vince also took all the courses to become a master diver and has done hundreds of dives all over the world. 🏌🏻‍♂️🤿 🛳

haddon sales and customer service rep in alberta, vince froehloer semi-retired white man with receding white hair and glasses

Oliver Percival-Smith

Equipment & Accessories, Sales & Service

Years at Haddon: 4

What Oliver brings to Haddon:

Oliver actually started working at Haddon in the summer after Grade 8, helping out in the warehouse and eventually went on to university before finding his way back to Haddon again.

And even though Oliver has a BSc in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, his talents at Haddon lie not in the chemical department, but in small equipment sales (like the small chassis Haddon sells) and vended equipment. He also helps our customers determine what they need for new equipment and accessories.

What’s important to Oliver about his role at Haddon?
Oliver likes to help customers make informed decisions about replacing their equipment. He hopes to relieve people of the issues they have with their old equipment by replacing it with shiny, new machines.

When he’s not at Haddon working, what does Oliver enjoy?

Oliver plays hockey and tennis, and enjoys being out in nature with his wife and their dogs. He also likes to read science fiction, play board/card games and do other “nerdy stuff” like that.

a headshot of oliver, a haddon equipment and accessories salesperson

Colin Tkachuk

Sales & Customer Service, Okanagan/Interior

Years at Haddon: 2

What Colin brings to Haddon:

Colin’s another Haddon staff member who just has a thing about being clean—coming from a family who owned a cleaning in company and owning his own for many years before joining the team at Haddon. 

What’s important to Colin about his role at Haddon?
Colin prides himself on his customer service and believes customers appreciate his experience and knowledge and dedication to his job.

He also says that the Haddon family has treated him with respect and like family and has provided him with the tools he needs to provide our customers and future customers with everything they require to run a successful business.

What about away from Haddon?
When Colin’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his kids and his granddog. He also enjoys outdoorsy things like camping, fishing, and boating. 

Colin once borrowed a much-beloved boat from a family friend to go salmon fishing and, through a comedy of errors, ended up getting dragged UP the boat launch and out of the water. To get over his annoyance and embarrassment, he opted to just stay in the boat with a case of beer for 8 hours until high tide allowed him to float again and get the boat out. 😂

headshot of colin, sales and customer service rep at haddon

Meet our Team!

Haddon Service Technicians

Stephane Gamache

Service Technician, Lower Mainland

Years at Haddon: 4

What Stephane brings to Haddon:

Stephane is a service tech who comes with a few certifications (Millwright, Industrial System Operator and Gas Fitter) who has worked in the laundry service industry for 4 years now. 

What’s important to Stephane about his role at Haddon?
Stephane takes pride in offering Haddon’s customers an honest, reliable service that includes proper troubleshooting, honest recommendations (with proper communication) to meet the customer’s time and budget requirements. He always strives to leave the piece of equipment that he’s working on in better and safer condition than it was before he started working on it.

Stephane also strongly believes in preventative maintenance that will keep operators and buildings safe from hazards such as fire, carbon monoxide, and personal injuries. He believes regular maintenance will ensure that your equipment is running efficiently in order to save you money and meet today’s environmental standards. 

Most of all, though, he loves to express the love of his job by showing up to our customers with a smile on his face.

What about away from Haddon?
Stephane is the proud papa of 3 kiddos. He used to be a professional runner and he was the last Canadian to win the Toronto Marathon in 2002. He also wants everyone to know he has a hammer toe and he once beat up his colleague—fellow service tech, Scott—in a fight at a Christmas party. 🎄🥊😜 

a headshot of stephan, a haddon service tech

Greg Penner

Service Technician, Okanagan/Interior BC

Years at Haddon: 5

What Greg brings to Haddon:

Before joining the Haddon team in 2018, Greg worked as an electrician for 25 years. These days, he spends his days installing, repairing and maintaining laundry equipment (and the occasional dishwasher) in the BC Interior and Okanagan. Since he was a kid, Greg’s natural aversion to “peopleing” often found him hanging out by himself on the farm, pulling apart all the farm equipment to figure out how it worked and then fixing it. He still loves troubleshooting mechanical things so working on commercial washers, dryers, and irons is the perfect job for him. 

What’s important to Greg about his role at Haddon?
Greg is very detail-oriented and thorough (something his wife might call “anal retentive” but, in his work it’s a good thing). His goal is to make sure his Haddon customers are taken care of in a timely manner and that he leaves them with a thorough understanding of what was done to their machines and how to avoid future issues.  

What about away from Haddon?
Away from Haddon, Greg spends 90% of his time outdoors in the Vernon area with his wife and dog (paragliding, hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing, and beer drinking—that’s considered “outdoorsy” round these parts), 3% of his time finding ways to scare their 3 cats and make them jump (because it makes him laugh really hard), and 7% of his time hanging out with friends and family (Apparently, 7% is his maximum “peopleing” limit 😉). 

greg penner a service tech at haddon equipment in vernon bc stands in front of a haddon van smiling

Keith Percival-Smith

Service Technician, Lower Mainland

Years at Haddon: 34

What Keith brings to Haddon:

Keith came to Haddon way back in 1989, fresh off a 3-year apprenticeship in small appliance repair. He’s been around as long as Charles and he spends his time installing equipment and chemical systems for Haddon customers. He also owns a coin laundromat in Richmond (probably so he can keep up his tech skills by fixing his own equipment after working all day to fix the equipment of others 😉). 

What’s important to Keith about his role at Haddon?
Keith likes to help people, get to know the customers, and develop lasting relationships with them. 

What about away from Haddon?
Keith apparently doesn’t like to have fun away from work. 🙃 Just kidding. Keith enjoys riding his carbon road bike, camping, and surfing in Tofino.

headshot of keith, a service technician for haddon

Scott Whitley

Service Technician, Lower Mainland

Years at Haddon: 15

What Scott brings to Haddon:

Scott likes to joke that when he’s not working, he’s talking about work…except he’s not really joking! And, since he’s been servicing laundry machines for 28 years, he probably can’t help it! Like Keith, Scott has installed and worked on all the machines and encountered pretty much every issue, logistics problem, and challenge that comes up with service and installation. 

What’s important to Scott about his role at Haddon?
Scott focuses on using his close to 30 years of experience and knowledge to help customers and fix problems to keep operations running smoothly!

What about away from Haddon?
Scott played professional lacrosse when he was a youngun, but these days he enjoys fishing, hanging out with with his family and their rescued pups, wake surfing and doing sports with his son, imbibing now and then, and travelling.  

a headshot of scott, haddon equipment and service tech

Meet our Team!

Haddon Warehouse Crew

Kyle McCarthy

Warehouse Assistant

Years at Haddon: 1

What Kyle brings to Haddon:

Before Kyle came to Haddon to help out with shipping and receiving, he worked in construction doing Glazing and carpentry. Kyle’s very strong and that is very helpful around the warehouse because, as his manager Matt says, “Kyle’s a beast!” and he also knows his way around heavy equipment and pays attention to detail! The Haddon crew also appreciates that Kyle also has a great attitude, is really reliable, a fast learner, never complains and is willing to help with any task. We think we’ll keep him!

What’s important to Kyle about his role at Haddon?
Kyle wants to do the best job possible and help get everything out on time to the customers, especially since he knows that a lot of care homes, hotels and hospitals rely on Haddon chemicals to keep their facilities in good sanitary condition. Kyle says it gives him a sense of purpose, knowing Haddon helps people in our community.

What about away from Haddon?
Away from work, Kyle enjoys going to the gym and spending time with his family.

kyle a warehouse assistant at haddon equipment stands again a white wall wearing a haddon uniform shirt and smiling with his many tattoos showing

Meet our Team!

Contractors for Haddon

Kavin Khangara

Service Technician

Years Contracting for Haddon: 2

What Kavin brings to Haddon:

Before he became a contractor, Kavin was employed as a service tech at Haddon, so he’s familiar with the machines we work on and our client base! We are grateful to have him for those jobs that our regular techs can’t get to and to help with overflow during busy times. 

kavin khangara service technician contractor for haddon equipment
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